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Enerpac “Pick, Skid and Drive” system facilitates multi-ton generator swaps for faster power plant maintenance

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has developed a strand jack gantry system for power plant maintenance activities, allowing complete generators and turbines up to 450 tons to be swapped out within 24 hours. The Enerpac “Pick, Skid and Drive” strand jack gantry reduces maintenance time and complexity, greatly minimizing downtime disruption to power generation capacity. 

“Overcoming space restrictions and obstacles in power generation plants poses a major challenge for exchange and maintenance activities”, said Peter Crisci, Product Line Director, Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. “The space needed to remove or service power generation equipment in place is too restrictive, and it also means the turbine will be off-line for a number of weeks while maintenance is performed on the plant floor. Using the Enerpac gantry allows the generator or turbine to be effectively picked up, transported and replaced with another generator or turbine within a matter of hours.”

The Pick, Skid and Drive system comprises an aerial track of skid beams and support legs, strand jack gantry combining skidding and strand jack technologies, and a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) or electric trolley system.

With the strand gantry skidded into position, the turbine generator is disconnected and lifted off its foundation using four Enerpac HSL2000 strand jacks. Once clear of any turbine hall obstacles, the generator is skidded using four HSK1250 skid beams below the strand jack gantry to the far end of the skid beam track. It can then be lowered onto either a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) or electric trolley system mounted on steel tracks and moved to a maintenance area. Installing the replacement generator is the reverse of the “Pick, Skid and Drive” process, providing the ability to complete a generator exchange within a day.

“The ability of the strand jack gantry system to effectively ‘pick, skid and drive’ the generator out for the turbine hall for maintenance is much quicker and more efficient than other methods and less disruptive to the plant’s operational capacity,” added Crisci. “This system gives specialist heavy lift contractors the ability to assist power equipment suppliers and power station operators in a wide range of maintenance tasks without the need for an expensive and time-consuming civil engineering process.” For more information on the Enerpac Strand Jack Gantry and other lifting equipment for Power Generation, visit www.enerpac.com.

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