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Micromax Announces Banner Engineering Heavy-Duty LED Lights, Providing Superior Resistance Against Oil, Chemical and Water in Harsh Environments

Sydney, N S W—November 6, 2013—Micromax announces the Banner Engineering WLC90 and WLC60 Heavy-Duty LED Lights. Designed to withstand high-pressure washdown and exposure to oils and coolants, Banner’s heavy-duty LED lights are ideal for diverse harsh environments, including food and beverage processing, machining centers and general industrial automation.

To accommodate diverse applications, the WLC90 offers several lens options, in addition to three discrete levels of intensity which are easily selected via wiring connections. An optional pan and tilt stainless steel mounting bracket adds versatility to the design, allowing the light to be directed in any direction.

Featuring a conservative mechanical design and state-of-the-art LED technology, the WLC60 protects against liquid ingress, while delivering best-in-class brightness. Available in two different lengths, 340 or 640 mm, this smart industrial lighting solution also features four energy efficient dimming states to tailor the brightness and power consumption to the specific application.

“The WLC90 and WLC60 Heavy-Duty LED lights are designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments,” said Kathy Erickson, Technical Marketing Manager, Banner Engineering. “With superior protection against oil, chemicals and water, in addition to high-resistance against shock and vibration applications, these LEDs deliver an optimal lighting solution.”

For enhanced chemical and thermal resistance, the WLC90 and WLC60 LED lights feature durable polycarbonate window or borosilicate glass (BSG) configurations. The lights also offer IP68, IP68g and IP69K ratings. For simple and flexible installation, the heavy-duty LEDs are available with a variety of mounting options, including magnetic mount, daisy-chain power and rear or side connector.

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