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Pentair Announces Hoffman® Wöhner 60-mm Busbar System for a Reliable, Space-Saving Power Distribution Solution

Minneapolis, MN—March 12, 2013—Pentair Equipment Protection introduces the Hoffman® Wöhner 60-mm Busbar System, delivering a direct mounting solution for reliable, safe power distribution. Components are mounted onto pre-wired adapters that snap onto sliding DIN rails, reducing raceway and bending radius space to enable close proximity placement with fewer wiring errors, less assembly labor and more connection flexibility.

Engineered for power and scalability, the 60-mm Busbar System can distribute three-phase power over 1,600 amps at 690 volts, along with supplying single phase or DC power. The system can be cut into lengths fitting most electrical enclosures, with vertical and horizontal positioning for space optimization. The busbar system’s input and output terminals accommodate wire sizes up to 600MCM, with far less drilling or tapping required. For additional modularity, components, such as fuseholders, switches and circuit breakers, can be added to the busbar structure to meet growing application demands.

“The need for operational efficiency continues to drive change throughout industrial environments, and we strive to engineer products that promote these objectives,” said Heidi Hung, Product Manager, Pentair Equipment Protection. “The 60-mm Busbar System’s snap-together design simplifies and accelerates installation by minimizing the number of wired connections, resulting in direct labor savings of up to 40 percent. It also optimizes panel space utilization up to 25 percent.”

To comply with industry standards, the busbar system is touch-safe rated to IP20, UL508 listed, CSA certified and CE compliant, making it ideal for demanding automation and control applications in a wide range of industries, including automotive, wastewater, material handling, packaging, food and beverage and parts assembly.

About Pentair Equipment Protection

Pentair Equipment Protection, a division of Pentair, is the leading provider of worldwide product and service solutions for enclosing, protecting and cooling electrical and electronic systems. Its industry-leading brands—Hoffman®, Schroff®, McLean®—provide a broad variety of standard, modified and engineered solutions to the commercial, communications, energy, general electronics, industrial, infrastructure, medical and security and defense markets. For more information, visit www.hoffmanonline.com  

About Pentair Ltd.

Pentair (www.pentair.com) delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection. With pro forma revenues of approximately $8 billion, Pentair employs more than 30,000 people worldwide.

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