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New Automated Window Cleaning System is Ideal for Washing Mid-Height Buildings

Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System introduces a smaller, more affordable automated window and building washing solution for window cleaning services and commercial building owners.

Minneapolis, MN—January 29, 2013—Now, there is a safe and inexpensive way to clean windows, frames and exterior of buildings. It is called the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System, and it is a technological breakthrough in automated window and building washing equipment.

Sky Pro is pleased to announce their brand new model, the Sky Pro Mini. The “Mini” is a smaller version of the Sky Pro® Window Cleaning System. It is portable and ideal for cleaning windows on mid-height buildings. A two-person operation can safely, quickly and profitably clean not only windows, but an entire building. It is much safer and easier to use than manual window cleaning equipment.

Sky Pro will be showcasing the “Mini” at the upcoming International Window Cleaning Association Convention February 13-16, 2013 in St. Pete Beach, FL.

The Sky Pro Mini weighs just over 100 lbs and is made of lightweight aluminum so it will not rust or corrode. It folds down for easy transport and fits easily into the back of a pickup truck. It has removable transport wheels for easy and fast maneuvering. The unit is easy to set up and ready to work in minutes.

The Sky Pro Mini’s 40-inch, self-cleaning, quick-change brush cleans all surfaces gently and effectively. The brush uses finger foam technology that keeps grit and dirt from becoming embedded in the brush. The dual-motor design maintains brush torque and speed to assure an even cleaning motion. The unit cleans an entire building at a variable speed up to 30 linear feet per minute, translating to 25,000 square feet per day. It uses less than half a gallon of de-ionized or reverse osmosis water per minute and leaves a spot-free clean without chemicals.

A special lithium-ion battery delivers eight hours of operation to power the Sky Pro Mini. Two batteries are included along with a quick charger. The unit features an emergency stop button, 12-volt wireless remote to start and stop the brush rotations and quick on- and off-connections.

Architects, building owners, window washing companies, building management or maintenance companies should seriously consider investing in one of the many Sky Pro System models. Most models will pay for themselves in less than a year. Sky Pro eliminates the danger associated with manual window washing and reduces labor and insurance costs.

Sky Pro is one of the most ingenious pieces of equipment to be made available to building owners, managers and cleaning companies. It has reduced our cost of window cleaning services by approximately $50,000 per year. We have also been able to reduce our liability exposure by not having “bodies” over the side of the building,” stated Robert Thomson, Manager – Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate Services.

For more information, visit or contact Kari Francois at or 1-800-699-0251.

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