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New TURCK White Paper Provides Detailed Comparison Between Assembled and Overmolded Cordsets

Minneapolis, MN—March 5, 2013—TURCK announces its latest white paper, Assembled vs. Overmolded Cordsets: Understanding the Advantages For Your Connectivity Application, is now available for immediate download at or on the TURCK website. Serving as a valuable industry resource, this white paper allows readers to identify the ideal connectivity system for their industrial application.

Connectivity serves as a cornerstone for industrial automation environments, delivering continuous production, data acquisition and communication throughout the enterprise. With the need to monitor, control and communicate with more devices, such as sensors, safety devices and PLCs in a vast range of applications, connectivity solutions must be able to withstand harsher environments to satisfy the current demands for constant production visibility and control. Cordsets provide the foundation for this connectivity, and to meet today’s application requirements, cordsets must be able to adapt to difficult environments and chal­lenging applications.

Providing a detailed comparison between assembled and overmolded cordsets, this white paper will:

  • Identify the differences between assembled and overmolded technologies
  • Offer a comparison of the cordsets
  • Provide a detailed description of the advantages of overmolded cordsets

Download the complimentary white paper to learn more.

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