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New TURCK White Paper Analyzes the Differences Between HF and UHF RFID Technologies

Minneapolis, MN—February 7, 2013—TURCK announces its latest white paper, Identifying the Right RFID: Why Knowing the Difference Between HF and UHF is Important For Your Industrial Application, is now available for immediate download at or on the TURCK website. Providing a detailed comparison between high frequency and ultra-high frequency RFID technologies, the white paper allows readers to determine the ideal system for their industrial application.

Industrial manufacturing is constantly adapting to meet the ever-increasing productivity and efficiency demands on the factory floor, and track and trace technologies play an important role in satisfying these goals. When selecting the ideal track and trace technology, options are no longer limited to the debate between the capabilities and advantages of RFID over optical identification methods. Now, manufac­turers should examine the difference in performance ca­pacity between the various RFID frequencies in order to ensure the correct solution is implemented to meet cor­responding application requirements.

Providing a comparison between HF and UHF RFID technologies, this white paper will:

  • Describe technology operating principles
  • Highlight distinct strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify application suitability

Download the complimentary white paper to learn more.

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