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Pentair Introduces Schroff Brand of Calmark Torque-Limiting Card-Lok Retainers with Optimal Clamping Force and Thermal Performance

Minneapolis, MN—November 25, 2013—Pentair Equipment Protection announces newly designed Schroff® brand of Calmark™ Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting Card-Lok retainers. Designed with a patented ratchet mechanism (US 7,883,289), the Series 223 and 224 provide consistently repeatable and highly reliable clamp without the need for a calibrated torque wrench.

Standard card-loks must be properly installed with the specified level of torque to yield optimal clamp force and thermal performance. The integrated ratcheting mechanism of the Calmark Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting Card-Loks simplifies installation by preventing over tightening, minimizing the risk of cold wall or PCB damage during field-level maintenance.

“Proper printed circuit board clamping force and thermal management is pivotal to achieve dependable performance when deploying mission-critical electronic solutions, particularly in the adverse conditions common in military applications,” said Amy Escobio, Schroff Retainer Product Manager, Pentair. “The Calmark Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting Card-Lok retainers provide optimal clamping force without the need for a calibrated torque wrench—our patented ratchet mechanism keeps the printed circuit board firmly in place while optimizing thermal transfer.”

The Calmark Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting retainers eliminate the need for specialized tools, ongoing calibration or technical knowledge—making them an ideal card-lok retainer solution for field-level maintenance within a Two Level Maintenance system. Featuring an industry-leading clamping force up to 400 lbs. and high durability printed circuit board protection, torque-limiting card-loks are optimal for high shock and vibration, high equipment availability and performance critical applications.   

Series 223 measures 5.72 mm x 6.86 mm (.225 in. x .270 in. max) and Series 224 measures 5.33 mm x 7.24 mm (.210 in. x .285 in. max). Both are available in lengths from 3.8 in. to 12.8 in, in 0.5 in. increments and are available in standard or metric screw configurations.

Calmark Series 223 and 224 Torque-Limiting Card-Loks can be supplied with five optional finishes—gold chem film, clear chem film, black anodized, hard black anodized and electroless nickel. Custom options, such as non-standard mounting patterns, different clamp force specs, and special finishes are also available upon request.

Schroff, Pentair, Hoffman and Calmark are trademarks of Pentair.

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Pentair Equipment Protection is a global leader in safeguarding industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware and electronic devices. Its premier brands, Hoffman and Schroff, provide a comprehensive range of standard, modified and custom engineered solutions for the energy, industrial, infrastructure, commercial, communications, medical, and security and defense markets. For more information, visit www.schroff.us.

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