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Pentair Introduces New ATCA Products to the Standard Portfolio

Pentair’s Schroff brand of systems augments extensive ATCA product offering with next-generation products: the new Shelf Manager ACB-VI, the industry leading front-to-rear airflow 2-slot system capable of 450 watts/slot cooling and development efforts on a 100G data transfer rate backplane.

Warwick, RI—January 27, 2015—Pentair is proud to introduce the next-generation Shelf Manager ACB-VI from its Schroff brand. The new Shelf Manager ACB-VI includes the shMM 700 module from Pigeon Point Systems, delivering improved security, higher availability and more robust design.  

The Shelf Manager ACB-VI supports the latest Linux kernel and offers improved security features and extended software functionality. Additional enhancements include:

  • The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) implementation has been upgraded by simplifying radial IPMI via a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). 
  • The IPMB-0 segments are logically isolated for each slot. 
  • Support for communication between redundant Shelf Managers has been improved by replacing the six discrete channels used in previous versions with a stable two wire bus. 
  • Five independent I2Cs  improve the reliability of I2C communication on the Shelf Manager and to FRUs. 

In addition to these cutting-edge features, manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies provided by Pentair’s global footprint mean that they are available at a lower price point than previous versions.

Pentair is also growing its 450/40 family of ATCA chassis with the addition of front-to-rear airflow cooling versions currently available with 2-slot and with future plans to introduce a 6-slot version. These high-end chassis cool 450 W per slot with a 10o rise at 55o C ambient—the most stringent conditions that equipment will be exposed to. With the addition of a 1U air plenum and redundant high end fan trays the highest level of proven cooling performance is available with the advantages of front-to-rear airflow. Additional design features include enhanced EMC shielding from the high frequencies of the 40G backplane. The first available system in the family is the 2-slot -48V DC version.

With the recent 100 Gbps Ethernet standard from IEEE (IEEE802.3bj), the base for 100G Ethernet in ATCA has been formed. Currently, Pentair is developing a 100G ATCA backplane under the Schroff brand, and is working with industry partners and the PICMG 3.1 Ethernet Committee to ensure interoperability, define test parameters and validation tools. Pentair has prepared for the 100G demands of the future by upgrading Schroff test facilities with a high-performance network analyzer. This equipment positions Schroff to conduct 100G validation testing in-house and to extend these validation tests to customer specific parts.  hese investments in engineering, development and equipment make Pentair’s Schroff team the ideal partner for 100G in ATCA.

For additional product-related information including user manuals, test reports and certificates, visit pentairprotect.com or e-mail: AskSchroff@Pentair.com.

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