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Impressive. Powerful. Impactful. Precisely what can be said about our variable digital printing using an endless gamut of metallic colors.

Minneapolis, MN – August 29th – GLS / NEXT Precision Marketing, a strategic marketing, and print solutions provider, introduces silver ink printing on their HP Indigo digital press.

GLS / NEXT partnered with HP Indigo in the research and development of the newly formulated HP Indigo Silver ElectroInk. Each image is unique and impressive on its own. Utilizing substrates from GPA, including Midnight Black Cover, Bright White Linen Uncoated Cover, and Folex Gloss White Poly further enhance the creativity of the final printed samples.

“Coming back from a business trip, I found on my desk a package with some samples sent to me by Jim from GLS / NEXT. WOW, I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Alon Bar-Shany, GM of HP Indigo. “The best samples of Indigo Silver ElectroInk printed on the HP Indigo 7800 I have ever seen. The quality of design, media range, images and creativity blew me away. Truly inspiring what Jim and the folks at GLS / NEXT are doing.”

The excitement was shared by the entire GLS / NEXT team. “I am excited for the introduction of silver ink on our HP Indigo 7800,” said Jim Benedict, Marketing Director at GLS / NEXT. “We tested various images on a variety of GPA substrates, and the results are very impressive.”

“Using variable digital printing to deliver 1:1 marketing, keeps getting better utilizing HP Indigo presses,” Jim continued. “The ability to print variable images with silver ink, creating an endless gamut of metallic colors with such high quality is a game-changer.”

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About GLS / NEXT Precision Marketing 
GLS / NEXT Precision Marketing is a strategic marketing solutions provider delivering end-to-end innovation from ideas to implementation. With over three decades of experience and a history of building and deploying brands through award-winning work and strategies, GLS / NEXT offers a broad portfolio of marketing technologies, including foundational strategic and creative services, comprehensive publicity and media presence, innovative multi-channel digital and print solutions, complete capabilities for global deployment, performance measurement and advanced program management tools. The company’s facilities are located in Brooklyn Park, Minnetonka and Saint Paul, Minnesota.