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Nexen High Capacity Spring-Engaged Brakes Offer High-Torque Low-Inertia Stopping

Vadnais Heights, MN—August 27, 2013—With torque capacities that range from 9,000 to 164,800 inch-pounds, Nexen’s dual faced brakes (DFB) and quad faced brakes (QFB) are designed for heavy-duty industrial power-off applications that require high torque and low inertia. These high-capacity, spring-engaged brakes are intended for applications such as conveyors, punch presses, shears, mills, rock crushers and similar equipment.

The brakes require minimal maintenance and help save costs. A simple piston and cylinder actuator is sealed with easily serviceable O-rings that reduce maintenance costs when compared to actuators that incorporate large, expensive air bladders. The brakes are engineered with segmented, non-asbestos friction facings for easy replacement and free-flow cooling air. Low-inertia friction discs minimize load deceleration time. The dual-faced brakes are engineered with a single-disc assembly, and the quad-faced brakes have a double-disc assembly.

Both brakes are designed for efficiency. Torque is transmitted through friction discs and splined pressure plates, which maintain excellent alignment and low frictional resistance, the two contributors to fast engagement and disengagement. Efficient O-ring and interface cooling is possible because of the brakes’ fins and air passages. The brake housing is flange mounted to machinery, and the hub is keyed to the shaft. Cylinder inlet ports provide direct air supply.

Nexen Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control solutions including linear drive systems, precision rotary indexers, linear locking components and power transmission products including spring set brakes, tooth clutches and torque limiters for a wide variety of automation applications in the Aerospace, Robotics, Machine Tool, Automotive, Packaging, Material Handling and Medical Industries. For more information, contact Nexen Group, Inc., 560 Oak Grove Parkway, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127. Fax: 651-286-1099. Phone: 651-484-5900. E-mail: Website:

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