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Nexen High Capacity Clutches and Brakes Help Reduce Maintenance Costs and Improve Efficiency

Vadnais Heights, MN—August 20, 2013—Nexen Group, Inc. announces that its high-capacity clutches and brakes, including pilot-mounted clutches, are designed for high torque, up to 302,000 inch pounds. Nexen engineered the clutches and brakes without expensive air bladders, with a design that reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency. Specifically, the brakes and clutches include a simple piston and cylinder actuator, which is sealed with O-rings that require minimal servicing.

Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications that require high torque and low inertia, the air-actuated, dual-faced brakes (DFE) and clutches as well as the quad-faced brakes (QFE) and clutches have double-disc assemblies. They are intended for applications such as conveyors, punch presses, shears, rock crushers, mills, agitators, wire winder, spoolers and similar equipment. They are available in disc sizes from 11.5 to 25 inches. The rugged clutch and brake elements have static torque ratings up to 302,000 inch pounds at 80 psi, with a bore range of up to 6.5 inches.

Combined with bearing supported devices such as flywheels, pulleys or gears, the brake and clutch elements efficiently perform high torque starts and stops, reaching speeds up to 1600 rpm and a horsepower rating of 14.7.

Nexen’s dual-faced, air-engaged friction clutches—DFC-1650 and DFC-2200—are air-engaged and have a bearing mounted plate (pilot) for mounting pulleys or sprockets. Pilot mount clutches have torque capacities up to 66,800 inch pounds at 80 psi and bore sizes up to 3.375 inches. DFC clutches are capable of speeds up to 1200 rpm and thermal horsepower dissipation of up to 10 horsepower. The clutches also have a heat sink capacity of 1.46 million foot-pounds.

Nexen Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control solutions including linear drive systems, precision rotary indexers, linear locking components and power transmission products including spring set brakes, tooth clutches and torque limiters for a wide variety of automation applications in the Aerospace, Robotics, Machine Tool, Automotive, Packaging, Material Handling and Medical Industries. For more information, contact Nexen Group, Inc., 560 Oak Grove Parkway, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127. Fax: 651-286-1099. Phone: 651-484-5900. E-mail: Website:

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