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Nexen Enhances Roller Pinion System With Increased Torque Capacity

Vadnais Heights, MN—February 12, 2014—Nexen Group, Inc. has improved its revolutionary Roller Pinion System (RPS) by significantly increasing its torque capacity. With up to 60 to 140 percent more torque capacity*, the RPS offers industry-leading power density for precision linear motion control applications.

“In the past, the market has used the phrase ‘power density’ to differentiate similar motion control solutions,” said Tony Kliber, Lead Project Engineer Precision Automation Components, Nexen Group, Inc. “The new torque capacity ratings eliminate this factor, allowing our customers to reduce the size, cost and weight of their machines without sacrificing superior linear positioning performance.”

Nexen’s RPS offers linear positioning with zero backlash for high-precision motion control applications. With more than 99 percent efficiency and a long operational life of up to 60 million pinion revolutions, the RPS yields up to 36 million meters of travel. Differing from a traditional rack and pinion system, the RPS features a roller pinion/toothed rack combination. The pinion is comprised of bearing supported rollers that engage a unique tooth profile. Each tooth profile is measured to ensure high positional accuracy and eliminate cumulative error. Racks are available in standard 1-meter and ½-meter cut lengths or can be custom cut to certain lengths, leaving no limit to travel distances.

In addition to new product ratings, Nexen’s new, complementary Precision Motion Control Application & Selection Guide is now available to assist users with their RPS applications and design requirements. Featuring unique examples, the guide serves as a valuable industry resource to help designers gather the necessary data to properly size their motion control applications. Once the correct data is determined, the guide provides easy-to-use, dynamic equations to estimate the product life of both RPS racks and RPS pinions—including distance, hours or tooth contacts. For engineers in the early stages of the design process, the guide also includes informative charts to establish their application needs.

For more information on the RPS, visit Free printed copies of the 60-page Precision Motion Control Application & Selection Guide are available by request at A PDF version of the guide is also available for immediate download.

Nexen Group, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control solutions including linear drive systems, precision rotary indexers, linear locking components and power transmission products including spring set brakes, tooth clutches and torque limiters for a wide variety of automation applications in the Aerospace, Robotics, Machine Tool, Automotive, Packaging, Material Handling and Medical Industries. For more information, contact Nexen Group, Inc., 560 Oak Grove Parkway, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127. Fax: 651-286-1099. Phone: 651-484-5900. E-mail: Website:

*Torque capacity is dependent on RPS size and application.

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