GEMSTAR™ Manufacturing Introduces Dedicated Custom Hard Case Line

Dedicated Custom Hard Cases

Cannon Falls, MN—June 24, 2015—GEMSTAR™ Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer of custom plastic parts and commercial cases since 1964. With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, GEMSTAR has leveraged the opportunity to focus on its custom hard case capabilities with dedicated resources and distribution channel.

GEMSTAR is the only commercial technical case manufacturer with three proven, rugged case platforms:

  • Sentinel® injection-molded cases protect contents from water and dust and offer a virtually indestructible and lightweight design.
  • VersaPro® thermoformed, single-walled cases feature superior flexibility with thousands of size, color, labeling and interior layout options.
  • Stronghold® rotationally molded cases are double-walled for increased durability in rugged terrain, and offer unique stackable, interlocked designs.

GEMSTAR Custom Hard Cases are available in a wide variety of standard size and options, with semi-custom and complete custom engineering and fabrication capabilities that meet the industry’s largest range of requirements. Multiple custom foam options, including cosmetic flocking, anti-static and chemical-resistant materials, allow GEMSTAR to design case interiors to exact specifications. Exterior customization is also available, including name plates, stock and custom colors, graphics and logos, screenprinting and etching and engraving.

“Our Custom Hard Cases offer nearly infinite configurations and possibilities to protect and transport high-value payloads,” said Mark Hedin, President, GEMSTAR. “With a large selection of cases, free design engineering and support and unlimited customization options, we satisfy our customers unique protection requirements while ensuring fast turnaround time and quality case performance.”

In addition to customization, GEMSTAR offers a variety of testing capabilities to satisfy customer specifications for drop, impact, vibration and other environmental conditions. For cases that require waterproof performance, GEMSTAR tests all cases in a submersion tank. Depending on the application, cases are tested to a variety of industry standards, including MIL-810. IP67 and ATA300.

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GEMSTAR™ has been a leading manufacturer of custom plastic parts and commercial cases since 1964 and operates under two business unit brands. GEMSTAR Manufacturing provides custom fabrication and contract manufacturing for plastic parts and assemblies. GEMSTAR Custom Hard Cases offers three rugged case platforms: Sentinel®, VersaPro® and Stronghold®. For more information, visit

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