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FasTest RPV Gas Connector Delivers Faster Filling Cycle Times Without Media Waste

Minneapolis, MN—June 27, 2013—FasTest introduces its G580 RPV inert gas connectors, compatible with residual pressure valves (RPV) to provide a low maintenance gas filling system that minimizes connection time and costly media waste.

By connecting to RPV valves, these connectors aid in protecting the integrity of the gas cylinder content without requiring residual media to be purged or evacuated and the tank to be cleaned prior to filling. This allows users to preserve any remaining media and expedite cycle times, increasing their return on investment.

Each G580 RPV connector is engineered to facilitate faster connections and filling procedures to maximize productivity and improve filling operation quality. Featuring a unique bail handle roller actuator, connectors lock securely in place through a simple forward motion of the handle. This design replaces time-consuming traditional connection methods, such as hand twisting, wrenching and taping, to achieve a sufficient seal—improving connection time while simultaneously decreasing ergonomic concerns.

The durable, one-piece construction has fewer seals, reducing the number of potential leak paths and associated maintenance. For strength and durability, a heavy-duty, stainless steel handle with durable through bolt prevents failures and enhances operator safety under pressure, up to 3600 psi. The heavy-duty RPV pin is easily adapted for use with other CGA 580 valves and can quickly replaced in the field should the pin become damaged.

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