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Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower Can Lift Vessels up to 1,400 Tons as high as 75 Meters

Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET)

Menomonee Falls, WI—June 17, 2013—Enerpac introduces the Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET), a free-standing gantry solution that can lift up to 1,400-ton loads to a height up to 75 meters. The ESET combines Enerpac’s heavy lifting strand jacks with gantry and skidding technologies to provide lifting solutions that would otherwise require larger ringer cranes.

The ESET enables companies to build a free-standing gantry lift from the ground up. The lifting system is designed for powerful lifting with minimized footprint. Compared to the larger ringer cranes, the ESET offers faster mobilization time and lower transportation costs. The ESET is an optimal lifting solution for a variety of applications, such as erection of reactor vessels in petrochemical plants, assembly of jackets for offshore wind mill applications and lifting shipyard cranes.

The ESET is available in a variety of custom capacities and heights and can accommodate future growth. It is built with standard components, which provides customers the opportunity to upgrade to larger capacities or heights when necessary. It can be transported in containers and set up in other locations. In addition, the ESET provides easy operations with Enerpac’s proprietary control software technology.

As a leading worldwide lifting solution, the ESET has been used in multiple industries and locations. It is currently being used at refineries, nuclear power plants and in the petrochemical industry. For example, in a current application in Russia, the ESET will be used to position large oil vessels in oil refineries.

Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, with 28 offices in 22 different countries and over 1,000 employees. Enerpac produces thousands of high-pressure hydraulic products that are distributed worldwide. Enerpac focuses on the design of products, from the smallest cylinder to complete computer-operated lifting & positioning systems, which increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform.

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