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Duets™ by Gemini Complete Line of ADA DuetsTactiles™ and Laser XT Substrates Proven to Resist UV and Corrosive Environments

DuetsTactiles™ and Laser XT Substrates Resist UV and Corrosive Environments

Cannon Falls, MN—December 21, 2015—Duets™ by Gemini is pleased to announce its complete line of engraving, ADA and architectural sign substrates have been tested and proven to resist damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) apeand corrosive salt spray. Duets substrates underwent rigorous UV resistance testing with an Atlas™ Xenon Weather-Ometer for 2,300 hours and corrosion testing with the Advanced Cyclic Corrosion Exposure System for 1,000 hours. Upon completion, the results of the testing indicated extensive resistance to both corrosion and UV exposure

The test included a variety of colors from each product line, including:

  • Laser XT Yellow on Black
  • Laser XT Brushed Stainless Steel on Black
  • DuetsTactiles™: White and Black

Each test featured three samples, one tested for UV, one tested for corrosion resistance and a control sample.

“We strongly believe in the quality of our substrates, and ensure that our tests comply with industry testing standards. Xenon UV tests followed J2527 performance standards, based on the test parameters of SAE J1960,” said Dan Wett, Senior Technical Specialist for Gemini. “By utilizing in-house testing equipment, we feel confident our products will withstand the real-world application needs of our customers. This recent comprehensive three-month test validates our hypothesis.”

The Atlas Xenon Weather-Ometer exposed DuetsTactiles and Laser XT products to a high-watt Xenon Arc bulb with the destructive capability of direct sunlight in addition to varying levels of humidity and darkness to exaggerate and accelerate environmental conditions likely to be encountered in the field. The machine also employs cyclical humidity and temperature features to ensure substrates comply with one of the most stringent and widely adopted standards within the automotive industry.

In addition to UV resistance, engraving substrates were tested for corrosion resistance from environmental moisture or chemicals with the Advanced Cyclic Corrosion Exposure System. This process includes repeated immersion in salt fog, and exposure to moisture and heat cycles to simulate long-term effects of the harshest environmental conditions. After 1000 hours in the chamber, only the most chemical-resistant products pass the test.

Duets engraving substrates are thoroughly tested in Gemini’s in-house testing facility for UV and corrosion resistance. This ensures every substrate sheet produced in Gemini’s clean room facility is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

To learn more about Duets by Gemini sign substrates and testing programs, visit DuetsByGemini.com or contact the company directly at 800-548-3356.

About Duets

Duets by Gemini is a product line of premium engraving, ADA and architectural sign substrates manufactured by Gemini. The extensive Duets lineup includes: DuetsTactiles™ for ADA and appliqué, Laser Indoor, Laser XT Outdoor / Indoor, Laser XT Reverse, Rotary Indoor and DuetsContours™ flexible engraving substrate. Duets is available in-stock nationwide through the Duets Partner Network, an alliance of the nation’s leading engraving distributors. For more information, visit DuetsByGemini.com.

About Gemini

Gemini, a family owned company, is an industry leader with over 50 years of sign product manufacturing experience, including dimensional letters, logos, plaques, and custom plaque sheet extrusion. With seven manufacturing sites across the USA, Canada and Mexico, Gemini’s products are backed by an industry-leading guarantee, and sold exclusively through an authorized reseller network. For more information, visit GeminiSignProducts.com.

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