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CMC Industrial Electronics Field Service Hazard Monitoring Safety Audits and Inspections Ensure Complete Protection for Grain Facilities

Minneapolis, MN—February 29, 2016—As part of their roadmap to the HazMon Safety™ program, CMC Industrial Electronics is pleased to announce new field service safety audits of CMC hazard monitoring systems installed in grain handling facilities. During the audit, an experienced, factory-trained CMC technician partners with site staff to provide thorough hazard monitoring system inspection, commissioning, testing and training. All functions are verified to ensure the system is operating accurately and the grain site is fully protected. All safety audits include complete status reports upon completion, which details the system’s performance, maintenance needs, potential problem spots and recommendations.

In addition to performing the safety audit, a CMC technician will also provide training to site operators to ensure proper use of the system, installation and maintenance. This allows users to conduct the majority of maintenance onsite, saving significant costs and downtime. Training also enables operators to perform routine maintenance to extend the life of hazard monitoring systems.   

“The safety audit adds significant value to our system, allowing us to be the first and the very last point of contact with our customers,” said Bob Reis, President, CMC. “Upon completion of the audit, we can assure our customers that their hazard monitoring system provides the proper levels of protection for their grain facility and give them that peace of mind moving forward.” 

The full safety audit includes the following components: 

  • Post installation inspections
  • System safety audit and inspections
  • System verification set-up and commissioning
  • Sensor testing and validation
  • Alarm and shut-down verification
  • Installer and operator training
  • Detailed report of findings and recommendations

During the audit, CMC technicians will also provide guidance on future hazard monitoring system upgrades and expansions to ensure all key points are monitored and accounted for throughout the grain facility.

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