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Minneapolis, MN – April 6, 2020 – Boker’s, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision metal stampings, washers, spacers and shims, offers complete production of non-standard and customized retaining washers in numerous styles that are designed to provide secure fastening in the most demanding applications. Retaining washers are essential in applications subjected to vibration, torque, heat or corrosion, with styles that provide added tension and friction designed to restrict threaded nuts, bolts or fastening systems from turning, slipping or loosening under load.

Numerous styles of retaining washers are available, from simple cup or spring style washers with inside diameters paired to screw shanks, bolts or smooth shaft components, to styles designed for sealing or featuring internal teeth. Boker’s offers comprehensive production capabilities for thousands of non-standard retaining washer configurations, as well as completely unique, custom solutions. The comprehensive lines of retaining washer styles include shaft retainers, stud receivers, retainers for wire guide assemblies, push-on bolt retainers, wide-rim retainers, solid inside diameter retainers, as well as conventional style cup and spring retainers that provide axial flexibility as well as tension-based component security. 

“With over 100 years of production, Boker’s has extensive experience in washers for numerous critical and vibration-prone applications. We’ve helped solve retention challenges for a variety of high-vibration applications from aerospace, automotive, transportation, military, industrial machinery, engine components, electronics and PCB applications, to consumer products such as appliances,” said Chuck Kersey, Assistant Sales Manager.

Coupled with one of the industry’s widest range of sizes and thicknesses, high-performance retaining washer can be produced to nearly unlimited specifications. Boker’s offers over 2,000 different metallic and non-metallic materials and maintains over 32,000 stock tools for flat round washers, spacers and shims without tool charges. Boker’s retaining washers are custom produced in short, medium and long runs with fast delivery, minimal tool cost and 3D prototypes available. For your application specific quote please submit your specifications by using our fast quote form.

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Boker’s, Inc. maintains a Quality Management System that is AS 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and is a woman-owned manufacturer of precision stampings and non-standard washers and spacers. To request a complimentary copy of Boker’s 2020 Stampings & Washers Catalog, contact: Boker’s, Inc., 3104 Snelling Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406-1937; call 612-729-9365 or (TOLL-FREE) 800-927-4377 or visit