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Boker’s Provides New 2021 Calendar Tool for Convenient Scheduling

Minneapolis, MN – December 1, 2020 – Following its tradition of developing strong customer partnerships, Boker’s is pleased to announce the availability of their 2021 scheduling calendar. It’s an easy-to-navigate calendar showcasing 15-months for the scheduling convenience of production managers, design engineers and purchasing teams.

The calendar provides a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of the 65-week scheduling period inclusive of January 2021 through March 2022, including Sundays and major holidays that are boldly identified in red. Boker’s understands their customers’ needs and equips them with a fast and convenient metric conversion chart on the back side, featuring decimal and millimeter equivalents for common measurements, ranging from 1/64” to 1” and .1 mm to 100 mm.

In everyday life, people come into contact with many Boker’s manufactured components utilized in items they interact with daily without ever realizing it. The dual-sided calendar and conversion chart helps users specify what they need for their particular application from a growing inventory of more than 32,000 non-standard flat washer tool sizes. 

Customers can leverage Boker’s vast knowledge and expertise when selecting the precise washers for their application. With outside diameters ranging from 0.080” to 5.140”, and a wide variety of inside diameters, thicknesses and materials, including non-metallic solutions, Boker’s delivers precision components that meet the unique characteristics and demands of every industry and emerging market. 

Boker’s is also a premier solutions provider for complex precision stamped components. Offering over 2,000 stock material options, Boker’s can produce custom stampings, washers, spacers and shims in short, medium or long runs. 

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Boker’s, Inc. maintains a Quality Management System that is AS 9100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and is a woman-owned manufacturer of precision stampings and non-standard washers and spacers. To request a complimentary copy of Boker’s 2021 Calendar contact: Boker’s, Inc., 3104 Snelling Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406-1937; call 612-729-9365 or (TOLL-FREE) 800-927-4377 or visit