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Banner Engineering TL70 Modular Tower Light Provides Enhanced Customization and In-the-Field Modification Capabilities

Minneapolis, MN—November 5, 2014—Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT™ TL70 modular tower light. Offering superior flexibility, the TL70 can be customized as needed, and allows for easy position changes in the field. The big, bright 70-mm tower features advanced LED drive technology, providing highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication.

The tower light can display up to five colors—plus an audible alarm module—in one tower, which allows for multiple colors to be lit simultaneously. The loud 92 dB adjustable alarm offers four user-selectable tones, including pulsed, chirp, siren or continuous. For optimal performance, each light segment can be selected solid ON or flashing, and appears gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light.

“Our new TL70 modular tower light is one of the most versatile indicator lights for industrial environments,” said Chuck Dolezalek, Director of Engineering for Lighting at Banner Engineering. “With the ability to fully customize the indicator light with multiple colors, sounds and configurations, in addition to quickly changing positions in the field, the TL70 is ideal for a wide range of applications.”

Banner’s TL70 modular tower light is available as modular segments, allowing users to build a custom device. For user-friendly installation, the TL70 is up and running in just three easy steps, which include assigning the module settings, assembling the device and applying power. The TL70 is also available as a preassembled configuration.

For use in harsh environments, the TL70 modular tower light features rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing with UV stabilized material. Housing is available in black or gray, which allows users to match the device to their application.

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