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ADAMA and S&W Announce New System for Effective Weed Control in Sorghum

Today, ADAMA and S&W Seed Company announce their signed collaboration agreement on the development of a new herbicide-tolerant sorghum system for weed management. This novel solution, to be marketed as Double Team™, will consist of S&W’s non-GMO, herbicide-tolerant sorghum hybrids, and ADAMA’s best-in-class herbicides. The system is designed to improve weed control and grower profitability in sorghum significantly. ADAMA is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies, and S&W Seed Company (Nasdaq: SANW) is a global agricultural company with a leading position in sorghum through its Sorghum Partners® brand.

S&W will provide new herbicide-tolerant traits developed using its advanced research and technology platform and produce the high-performance seed. The agreement includes the Double Team ACCase tolerance traits and ACCase inhibitor herbicides. S&W developed the new Double Team ACCase tolerance trait in collaboration with the United Sorghum Checkoff program using traditional breeding non-GMO tissue culture.

ADAMA will supply a proprietary formulation technology in its best-in-class herbicides to deliver effective weed control. The herbicide, to be branded First Act™, has been tested and has proven to maintain high levels of crop safety while controlling a broad range of grass weeds and is easy to handle based on formulation efforts. 

“Historically, sorghum has lagged behind other major crops like corn, soybeans, and cotton in the application of novel technologies,” said Dr. Don Panter, Executive V.P., S&W. “However, we look at sorghum as one of our key product lines and have prioritized our R&D efforts to bring this traditional breeding, non-GMO technology to U.S. sorghum growers in what we believe is record time. We plan to bring a broad spectrum of Double Team sorghum hybrids to the marketplace through our Sorghum Partners brand, and by offering top-tier seed companies licenses to the Double Team system. We are very pleased to have an experienced global partner like ADAMA developing weed control systems and supporting stewardship and grower education.” 

Jake Brodsgaard, CEO of ADAMA USA, views this collaboration as perfectly aligned with the mission of ADAMA. “At ADAMA, we are driven by listening to growers and providing simple, straightforward solutions,” Brodsgaard said. “This collaboration between ADAMA and S&W will provide the first full-spectrum grass control option for sorghum growers. This new cropping solution is expected to simplify crop management by presenting sorghum growers with an effective and convenient weed management system to get the most from every production acre.”

Extensive field trials are planned for 2020 to verify further hybrid performance and crop selectivity. This round of field trials will help to fine-tune the use of the Double Team sorghum cropping solution herbicides in an overall weed control system. Regulatory trials are also underway to obtain global approval for the trait and herbicide to facilitate grain export.

Both companies intend to provide a complete weed stewardship management system fully supported by a team of sales and technical service representatives to make a positive impact on today’s growers and ensure long-term sustainability.

First Act herbicide has registration pending with the EPA and is not currently available for sale.

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